Hi I’m Jack,

I started this website to share my health/spiritual journey and the things I have learned along the way with the hope that the information I put out will help some of you who may be in similar situations to what I was.

I became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when I was 15 years old, and struggled with this illness on and off until my late 20’s. It was during a particularly bad spell, in which I had to quit my job that I had the mental, emotional and spiritual realisations that I needed in order to understand and eventually fully heal from my illness; also gaining a newfound level of happiness and purpose that I didn’t have even before I was ill.

Hence this website and other ways of helping people are now my main passion in life. I am healthier and happier than ever before, and most importantly, I understand why that is. I have gained an understanding of myself at a level which has allowed me to see why I became ill and why I  was not particularly happy or fulfilled before also. It was this combination of exploring my emotions whilst also seeing the bigger picture of what was going on, that eventually secured my recovery from ill health and has led me on to the exciting opportunities I’m pursuing now.

I came across a lot of well meaning and very accomplished alternative health practitioners and life/health coaches during my search for answers, but most did not see things, or explain things from my “analytical”, more science based perspective. I therefore found it difficult to fully get on-board with their treatment suggestions. It wasn’t until I opened myself up to the more psychological/emotional side of myself (as a lot of them were suggesting), that I began to get any solid improvement.

So uniting my science-based/analytical left brain with my emotional/intuitive right brain is how I became

Logically Spiritual